How many sessions will I need?
Hypnoanalysis is like any other form of psychoanalytic therapy. It depends on building up a relationship between the therapist and the client so that exploration, understanding and healing can occur in an atmosphere of trust and openness. Some clients attend for a few sessions. Others have an on-going commitment to understanding themselves and their issues. Some people enjoy methods such as hypnoanalysis, dream analysis and hypnotic free association so much that they become regular clients.

Will I be unconscious?
You remain in control throughout a hypnotherapy session. You may be in a state of relaxation but your unconscious mind will only accept those suggestions and ideas that it finds helpful.

Can I get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?
You can come out of a hypnotic trance any time you like. Some clients stay in trance all the way through the hypnosis part of a session and others will spontaneously come out of trance before the end of the hypnosis. You will find that you naturally come out of trance soon after I stop talking.

How long before I experience change?
You may experience positive change soon after your hypnoanalysis session is over. Or it may take a number of sessions in order for you to become aware that things are beginning to shift or become clear.

Can hypnosis be used to treat my issue?
Hypnoanalysis can be a useful way of helping people with a whole range of issues. Part of the initial consultation involves me and you talking over what it is you want us to work on using hypnoanalysis and whether this form of therapy is the right one for you.

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