‘People don’t come to therapy to change their past, but their future’ – Milton Erickson

My name is Milo Brandon. I work as an hypnoanalyst and I am also an Anglican priest. I am based in St Albans and London. People come to me who want to explore their unconscious both spiritually and psychoanalytically through the medium of hypnosis.

People I see may be searching for hope, energy, joy of life, confidence, ability to trust, forgiveness and personal direction. Such things are all non-physical and deeply spiritual. They concern desires and needs that enable us to enjoy life and relationships.

My background and training has given me a particular set of skills and understanding that enables me to use hypnoanalysis to help people understand themselves both psychologically and spiritually.

Hypnoanalysis is a technique that uses the trance state induced by hypnosis so that you can investigate your emotional reactions, life experiences, dreams, recurring patterns, fears and deeper feelings in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. We will work together to help you identify why and how you think, feel and act in your own unique way. This exploration is the basis for you to gain new self-understanding and fulfilment.

We will discover and use your unique experiences, memories, language patterns, imagery, metaphors and dreams to achieve what you want. Your personal story and how you tell it, contains the key you will use to access your own wisdom and power.

Contact me for a free initial telephone consultation on 07853761969‬ or online via my Contact page.